Does this sound cliche? Probably. Did someone else probably already say this quote? Definitely. Does it matter? Not really because this is a lesson that we as humans will live our entire lives learning, no matter how many times this quote is regurgitated. Some of us know deep down there is something or numerous things that we resist, we avoid, we run from. Some of us have no idea and we are confused as to why we are the way we are, why our lives are the way they are and why we keep seeming to "end up" in the same situation over and over and over again. Most of the time I think it's a mixed bag for both of us, sometimes we are aware, sometimes not. I for one put myself in that third category. 

But why? Why do we resist? 

From personal experience it's really to avoid pain; it's to avoid feeling grief; it's to avoid feeling too vulnerable and out of control. We think we cannot handle the pain or whatever difficult emotion it may be so we distract ourselves with our lives; we scroll through social media for a couple of minutes which then spirals into a couple of hours; we over work; we make never ending to do lists; we binge watch tv; we engage in our internal story that it's really not our fault; we blame; we point fingers; we put others down; we compare; we complain; we focus all of our attention on our outer world so we don't have to begin to look at the chaos that is our inner world. 

I get it. I did it for years until I could no longer keep running. I had no choice but to go within.

But the truth is as long as we keep running, situations will always present themselves in our lives that give us the opportunity to confront our shit. We may see it as a difficult situation; as a relationship not working out (again); as something not going our way; as someone not doing what we want or being who we want them to be.....but it's all the same. It's all opportunities to go within because at the end of the day something deep within all of us wants to be seen, felt and healed......and it can be if we allow it; if we actually just stop our running and allow the lessons and the healing to make their way to the forefront of our being.