Every day, day in and day out, we push ourselves to do more and to be more. We constantly look to how we can achieve more and for many of us on the road of self-development, we are constantly looking to how we can improve ourselves.

And yet we are exhausted, disconnected, burnt out, forever in grind mode. We feel we are on a hampster wheel with no way off. We are human beings but we have forgotten that whole "being" part and yet that is the missing piece for so many of us. We must learn to listen and trust the store-house of wisdom held in our bodies.

We want more answers, more connection, more clarity, more peace and more authenticity in our lives but that won't be found in our never ending to do lists or getting caught up in the nonsensical tape recorder that is our mind.

It is found in the body. It is found in stillness. It is found in rest. It is found in nothingness. It is found in simply being. Seems so simple yet we resist it. So just for today, give yourself a break. Find some time to be alone and in silence. Put your hands over your heart and breathe into it. Focus on the rise and fall of your breath and trust that you are ok. This moment is enough and you are enough.