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The fear of failure is strong within many of us *raises hand.* Endorsed by a culture of misguided perfectionism, we get stuck in our heads about making the "perfect" decision and we put immense pressure on ourselves to do things just right.

And where does that get us? It makes many of us sick with stress both emotionally and physically and even more tragically, it keeps so many of us stuck and from achieving our dreams. We have so much to offer this world and yet we hold ourselves back.

So what's the truth? There is no "perfect" choice because there is no such thing as failure. We think there's some almighty "right" and "wrong" decision that will lead us to the perfect path but the reality is there's just choices. And then there's feedback from those choices, learning from that feedback (if you choose to do so) and moving forward with new information that will bring us and our lives more into alignment of what we do want.

It can be a profound mindset shift that can not only ease our rampant decision anxiety but also offer us the space and freedom to create more and dream bigger. We can begin to release the shackles and burden of perfectionism and fear of failure so that we become liberated enough to actually begin creating the life we do want.

So what would you do if you knew you could not fail? How could you bring more compassion into your past, present and future self/life knowing you have never been and never will be a failure?