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We spend so much of our time either trying to plan out our lives or we are in speculation about them. We are constantly thinking about the past or worried about the future. We wonder what we could have done differently or we constantly wonder how we can make ourselves and our life better.

There's nothing wrong with setting goals and and making plans to achieve them but we are often so busy living in our heads trying to "figure out" ourself and our life that we often miss out on actually living.

What if we dropped all of that just for today? What if we looked up from our phone or computer and got present to our bodies or the environment surrounding us? What if we stopped trying to figure it all out and realized that everything right here right now is exactly what it should it be? What if we could relax for just a moment and breathe into knowing that we are in the right place at the right time?

So many of the answers we seek lie in the moments when we are not trying to figure it all out. They are in the moments when we are connected to the life happening in front of us. So try taking a moment today to get present to yourself and your life. Feel your feet on the ground, actually listen in the conversation you're having, really taste the food you're eating. Be an active participant in the life happening around you instead of the one you are imagining in your head.