Shirt off 1.jpg

Despite knowing otherwise, I still sometimes fall into the trap of believing that I’m done shedding; that I’ve finally reached some theoretical destination where there are no more layers of the onion to peel back.

It would be so easy to see life that way; healing an aspect of ourselves and then being set for the rest of our lives. And many of us believe that to be the truth: that if we can just fix this one thing, all will be perfect. We have been trained to believe that if we just do a + b then it must equal c. So many of us (myself included) have been taught to think in this very linear, yet very limiting way.

But it just doesn’t work that way and it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us; it means that we are human beings having a very human experience.

We live, we are confronted, we resist, we struggle, we eventually surrender, we learn, we heal, we grow and then we repeat. This is such an integral cycle of being human and when we resist this we resist our own natural evolution.

The image above is a physical representation of another layer being peeled away in my own life. It is a layer that consists of the fear of surrender, living a life from the heart and not the head and being seen…..really being seen. It’s a thick layer to say the very least and one that I believe many of us want to peel away so that we can unlock the chains keeping us from our joy, freedom and authenticity.

The journey of peeling back these layers is what I'll be exploring in the upcoming posts so stay tuned!