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It may seem like an oxymoron these days, but despite the rampant use of social media (hi, i’m using it right now), many of us live hidden lives.

This is not a new or revolutionary thought but despite our near constant updates on what’s going on with our daily lives, many of us still hide our realities from the world; but more importantly, and what can often be more destructive, is that we hide the reality from ourselves.

We suppress our emotions and we hide our pain. We feel stifled and that we are unable to express ourselves in the way that we want. We feel as though we are not enough. And so many of us fall into a trap of avoidance and ignorance simply due to the fact that it’s easier; it’s more comfortable; we don’t have to take responsibility; we don’t have to risk anything. But soon enough we are in a body we don’t understand and living a life that we aren’t really sure of.

Simply put, we are not living authentically. We don’t allow ourselves or others to see us…..I mean REALLY see us. Yet there is something within us that craves for this authenticity; craves for a life that actually feels in line with who we really are and not the life we think we should be living. There is something within us that yearns to be vulnerable and remove the layers and filters preventing us from true connection to ourselves and this world.

So today I ask the question….where are you hiding? Where are you holding back either from yourself or others? Where do you find yourself continuously getting stuck?