As young children we lived fully. We laughed, we cried, we made art, we played, we had imaginations and we had big dreams. We could often see a life and world beyond what was the “reality” in front of us.

We lived from our hearts because that’s what felt natural to us. We lived from our intuition and that’s what guided our actions because we trusted it and we trusted our hearts.

But over time, whether through one traumatic experience or a series of smaller micro-experiences, that connection and that trust in our heart began to break.

To protect ourselves from the judgements of others, the pain of disappointing others (or ourselves) amongst other things, we began to trust the mind over the whispers of our soul. Over time our lives and who we started developing into began to reflect that shift. We began to live by “shoulds” instead of our soul desires and the connection to our hearts grew weaker and weaker.

The journey for many of us in this life is restoring that connection and allowing those whispers to shape our lives instead of the often loud voices of the thoughts in our head.

Starting today, are you able to take some time, if only a few moments, to slow down enough to exit the chaos of the mind and enter into the clarity of your heart? To stop doing and allow yourself to be? To feel your breath and your own heart beat? This is the beginning of discovering both the peace and the answers you so desperately seek.