The BreakThrough Program

What's it all about?

We are living in challenging times and now more than ever we need love, unity, acceptance and compassion coursing through the veins of our world instead of hate, division, judgement and disconnect. 
However, in order for us to transform and heal our world, we must first transform and heal ourselves and from what I have learned throughout the years is that many of us avoid the personal healing that we so desperately need in order to create the lives and joy we crave. 

For many, the world hardens us and tells us that it is not ok to feel everything it is we need to feel. We are told it is weak and so we hide; we feel shame; we suppress and we become disconnected. We then create a life that is not aligned with who we really are and must walk around wearing a mask pretending we are happy when really we are completely lost. 

Many of us feel as though we are not living our truths and find ourselves struggling in the major aspects of our lives: our jobs, our health and our relationships. In essence we feel:

  • Stuck and frustrated 
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Discouraged and sometimes even hopeless 
  • We are on a constant hamster wheel with no way of getting off 
  • Exhausted, frenzied + unfocused
  • We have no real sense of clarity or direction
  • Lost, disconnected, ambivalent and that we are living a lie 
  • A hole within us that no matter what we do we can never quite fill 
  • Life is just not going according to plan

But what if I told you there was a different way?
What if I told you that the "you" and life you are searching for isn't out there in the future but waiting for you right here, right now?

It takes courage and commitment to embark on this journey of healing and re-connection as it is not just a one time deal, it is an ongoing process. Although this journey is our responsibility, we cannot do it alone.

This is where the Breakthrough Package comes in.

How would it feel to:

  • Have power + bold authenticity in all aspects of your life
  • Experience incredible breakthroughs
  • Improve the quality of all your relationships
  • Blast through the negative patterns that are creating challenges in your life
  • Have the clarity + direction that you have been searching for
  • Create more peace in mind, body and soul
  • Trust yourself + make decisions with confidence and ease

Through persistent vulnerability, self-care, compassion and emotional honesty we will shed the layers and bridge the gap of where you are to where you want to be (hint: it's closer than you think). We will find and build the deep connection back to your true authentic Self (and to others) and you will find your way back Home.

So what would it feel like to have a life you truly love? How would it feel to finally have the breakthrough you have been searching for?

For help answering these questions, book a free Transform Your Life Clarity Session (50 minutes).
If we both feel it’s a good fit, the Breakthrough coaching program is available. 

The Clarity & Authenticity we seek lies within the degree to which we are willing to connect to the depths of our vulnerability and the truth of our emotions.